A software developer who brings latency down to his humour level 🚀

I am a self taught full-stack web developer who loves applying his skills to develop cool projects, and contribute to open-source. I love music, and am something of an HTML Coder myself, in the world of music production

Though, I have recently been getting my hands dirty making YouTube Videos about a philosophical approach to life and writing code. And, I have been working on building a community of excellent developers, I would love for you to be a part of it.

I take self proclaimed awesome pictures too, as a hobby.

My Experiences

  1. Material Depot (YC W22)

      Working on a React.js codebase with mobx as the state management library

    • Migrated React.js frontend to V3 of API and added e-commerce functionality
    • Built a CRM using React.js and Material UI and worked on Pamphlet generation using Python
  2. Google Summer of Code (LibreHealthIO)

      I worked on re-writing the UI of LH Toolkit & Radiology as an Open Web Application following the FHIR Standard

    • The rewrite is done using React.js as the UI Library and React Query + Axios for cached data fetching
    • The web components are built using Polymer.js and uses Material UI, and follow the FHIR Spec
  3. BlendED

      I worked on Next.js & TailwindCSS codebase to redesign the teacher’s and parent’s landing pages and,

    • Added firstLogin personalisation flow and persisted data using React Query, improved invoke time by ~40%
    • Integrated Mix Panel Analytics tool for various functions, which highly impacted the product launch analysis
    • Implemented a scalable video tooltip modal component that invokes on the first user visit using cookies
  4. MLH Fellowship - Open Source

      Worked on a CLI application (repo-report) that shows the maintainer’s GitHub info on the terminal

    • Updated the GraphQL queries and validations to add two new metrics from Github’s GraphQL API
    • Refactored the code which decreased the hassle of adding new metrics from 5 files to 1 file - by 25%
    • Wrote tests to type-check the Metrics and their properties using tape.js with jsonschema for variables
    • Worked on a Web Based client for the CLI using React.js and TailwindCSS making the app more accessible